Espero que los cristales de las últimas sean de verdad

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Elsa and Anna with untied hair is one of the things i’m most wanting to see in Frozen 2. Merci nobara-art for your amazing work to proove im right when i say they’d both look gorgeous with long hair !

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Old joke, new spin.

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Erika Tymrak on Sqor | “Upgraded my training grounds a bit ;) where’s your favorite place to juggle?”


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This Sunday, more than 1,000 LGBT advocates in Serbia held their first pride parade in four years. And for the first time in ten years, it didn’t end in violence. 

Pride marches from the last three years had been banned, but this year, officials allowed the ban to expire at midnight the day before the parade.

As the parade date approached, anti-gay graffiti popped up all over the city of Belgrade, and a massive protest took place the night before, complete with a giant police force (some photos of that above, too). Though there were multiple arrests at the parade Sunday, the event went off without any large-scale violence. 

Human rights are a question mark here, and activists know it. In fact, one sign read, “For all the victims of violence in Serbia.”

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Checking the Mail (USA) by Randy Halverson

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